Data protection in Cloud

Data protection in Cloud

Data protection in Cloud

The cloud is a space for storing information on the Internet. Its main advantage is access to data virtually anytime and anywhere just by using a network connection. The European Union Data Protection Regulation GDPR, which entered into force on 25 May 2018, is based on the duty of personal data processors to ensure that personal data is controlled and taken care of appropriately against misuse or possible harm. Businesses can also protect their privacy with the Cloud. Application of GDPR in companies is not easy and therefore Cloud can be very helpful.

Data in the Cloud

To protect against unauthorized access to personal data, Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers (CISPE) operating in Europe have issued a Data Protection Code of Conduct. Its content is fully adapted to GDPR requirements. Only data that is part of cloud services only within the European Union and the European Economic Area can be stored. Thus, responsibility for businesses arises both when processing data in their own databases and when processing data in the Cloud. In terms of technological solution, moving to the Cloud is a relatively inexpensive way for small businesses.

Terms of Cloud Services

Appropriate technical and organizational measures need to be put in place for GDPR applications. These should ensure and be able to demonstrate that data processing complies with GDPR. When providing cloud services, the contract must include:

  • specific responsibility for security,
  • a provision on who will be liable for any damage.

Providing of Cloud Services

GDPR does not only apply to Cloud providers, but to any entity that processes and provides personal data. When moving to the Cloud, businesses should not forget the importance of a quality and reliable Internet connection. In order for Cloud to be used correctly and efficiently, it is necessary to ensure not only a stable connection in the office or building, but also a quality mobile data connection. Cloud services have the advantage of more flexible adaptation to market changes, are competitive and offer better customer service. There are many tools and applications for these services. Now it's only up to the companies which of them they choose. And of course, all in line with GDPR.

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