Warning from the authorities before very dangerous malware

Warning from the authorities before very dangerous malware
7 Marec 2021

Warning from the authorities before very dangerous malware

After infecting the device, Emotet malware steals personal data and then encrypts the data on the disk.

Malware has made damages already in the past

SK-CERT or the Slovak National Centre for Cyber Security officially warns before Emotet - a dangerous malware. This is not their first warning. This malicious program has committed illegal activity in the past already. To make it clear, there has been an increase in the number of attacks, and we can include individuals as victims.

Warning from the National Centre for Cyber Security

The National Centre for Cyber Security warns people to be careful. Emotet uses electronic mail to infiltrate computers.

Once it manages to infect the device, it sends phishing emails to the victim's contact to infiltrate other computers. Its task is to steal personal data using malware that is downloaded to the device. Encryption of data on the disk is carried out using ransomware, which is downloaded to the computer as well.

Up-to-date software is important

The National Cyber Security Centre advises you to have the latest software on your device. Emotet and other possible threats mainly use outdated software for infiltration. Current versions usually experience vulnerabilities in newer versions.

Cyber hygiene is also an important factor in protecting against threats on the Internet. Cyber hygiene includes not opening messages, URL links or attachments from unknown senders. It is also not recommended to allow macros to run in documents

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