Category: GDPR

4 Február 2019

Younger brother of GDPR, meet ePrivacy

Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications, also known as the ePrivacy regulation, is not nearly as known as the GDPR. But they are not completely foreign to each other. GDPR's…
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Category: GDPR
28 Január 2019

GDPR and business cards, mails or phone calls

The GDPR Regulation has also confused marketers and traders in the B2B segment. Do you want to know what is new about calling potential customers without previous contact (cold calling),…
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Category: GDPR
23 Január 2019

GDPR against phone offers

With new Data Protection Regulation, businesses are more careful when offering products over the phone or by SMS. In this process, GDPR seeks to provide greater protection over personal data.…
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Category: GDPR
16 Január 2019

Car cameras and GDPR

Nowadays, the camera placed behind the windshield of the car becomes almost a necessity. In the event of the occurrence and subsequent resolution of a road accident or a misdemeanor…
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Category: GDPR

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