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6 December 2020

British Airways has been fined € 22 million for breaches of GDPR legislation

The ICO - British Information Office has decided to impose a fine of £ 20 million (€ 22 million) for a breach of the GDPR.   Cyber ​​attack by an…
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22 November 2020

Sensitive data of more than 130,000 people was not sufficiently secured in the state application

One Slovak IT company pointed out the insufficient security of the state application under the name - Moje eZdravie ("My eHealth"). The data in this application was not sufficiently protected,…
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10 November 2020

Can we expect Facebook to leave Europe?

Data obtained by Facebook from EU users should not be sent to the US due to GDPR legislation. Facebook is experiencing concerns at this time. The European Court of Justice…
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30 Október 2020

The employer has the right to know if his employee has been infected with coronavirus. GDPR legislation must therefore step back.

It is common practice that the employer should not be aware of the health diagnosis of his employee. However, conditions are changing and the coronavirus epidemic has meant that the…
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