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4 Február 2020

Do Facebook employees listen to our conversations?

The workers were not told how they got to the records. The first to report this was Bloomberg. Facebook says the practice has been stopped about a month ago, so…
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27 Január 2020

GDPR and its positive effects on business

The Data Protection Act - GDPR - is already well known. Its role is to give the consumer more control over personal data. The GDPR Act can provide your organization…
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23 Január 2020

Report of the Data Protection Authority

A few months ago, a report from the United Kingdom's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) on the question whether RTB could be merged with GDPR was published. The aim of the…
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16 Január 2020

Nariadenie GDPR a súlad s platformami pre manažment súhlasov s užívateľmi

Platformy na správu súhlasu CMP alebo systémy na správu súhlasu sú reklamnou platformou, ktorá vznikla na základe GDPR nariadení. Sú to nástroje, ktoré nám poskytujú efektívne zhromažďovanie súhlasov používateľov na…
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